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Not Exactly Murphy

March 9th, 2019 at 12:44 pm

So a number of expenses have cropped up. I can't necessarily say it's Murphy's law as these were not tragic nor an inconvenience. But all of these kind of avalanched at once. A local parent reached out and asked if my son was interested in playing for the traveling baseball team to which my son, of course, said yes. I knew I was going to have to pay high school baseball fees, but they also asked for an additional fee for some supplies. Then my son came home with a flier for baseball apparel for the HS. I also realized I really needed to purchase a bag for my pump as I return to work in less than three weeks and next payday won't leave enough time for it to arrive. Since I rented a hospital grade pump, a normal bag would not do (it's heavy, cumbersome and large). So all of that kind of was a wham at once.

I am really looking to project out purchases so I curb impulse spending. This is where I struggle the most. If I can work on sticking to those projected purchases every pay period, that will help a lot. I know I still need to purchase some new work pants or skirts. I haven't yet tried on my work clothes, but as I'm still about seven pounds off from my pre-pregnancy weight, I'll assume they don't fit. I need to wear pants or skirts as dresses will make pumping difficult. I also need to purchase a good pumping bra. I was able to purchase a cover for $1 on a local Facebook garage sale site. I intend to pump during my hour commute each way. This will help me do that incognito (or so I think). I also need to purchase the car adapter for my pump. I purchased a used diaper bag for $5 from this site so we can send this one to the sitter on a daily basis.

I recently found out my son may have a cow protein intolerance that is common in many infants. It may also include a soy intolerance. So off to Whole Foods I went today to purchase some dairy/soy free yogurt, butter substitute, and a few convenience foods. Obviously, the most frugal way to deal with the allergy is home cooked meals but let's face it, sometimes we all reach for convenience foods, especially in a rush. Also, I love afternoon tea with a few cookies. It's a small luxury I afford myself. Geez, Whole Foods really IS WHOLE PAYCHECK! It was super duper crowded and I can't believe how many people actually do the bulk of their grocery shopping there. I've got to explore what Aldi has to offer in the allergen friendly side of things.

1 Responses to “Not Exactly Murphy”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    We don't have a Whole Foods, but we did stop in at one in a bigger city and we had sticker shock. Ouch.

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