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Throwing Water Out of a Life Boat

February 21st, 2019 at 03:28 pm

So I've got a nice long to do list of things to complete while I'm off. (#1 is to enjoy the baby, but while he sleeps I can be productive too!) One of my primary tasks is decluttering this house we have lived in for four years now. I feel like I'm constantly tossing stuff only to barely make a dent in the clutter--and we are NOT hoarders by any means! It's like using a bucket to toss water from a sinking life boat. Five weeks from now, I hope to report that our life boat is in a better place.

I posted a number of items for sale on our local Facebook garage sale. It appears that the group is not as active as it once was. I'm a little concerned I will get no interest. If that is the case, I will try Craigslist and possibly ebay. The money earned from sales will go into my Christmas Challenge account.

After over a year of using Achievement, I am finally within 600 points of earning a $10 reward! To be honest, I struggled to wear my apple watch last year so that could be part of it (FYI...watch was inherited not purchased by me). I will be excited to add those earnings. I am also looking forward to getting out more and using my Ibotta app too. I am halfway to a reward there as well.

I updated my current unsecured debt total as of today's date. That should be lower once my statements close for a few other accounts. Love to see that number go down!

Bits and Pieces

February 16th, 2019 at 01:24 pm

So I've taken to marking any NSD on my calendar so I can track and pat myself on the back for not spending. It's another little challenge for me in addition to tracking purchases. Having the two separate accounts (one for bills, one for purchases) is working out nicely. I'm glad I did that! It's helping me be more accountable regarding my purchases for sure!

So far, all is well with breastfeeding. I'm a little anxious to see what occurs as I return to work in a few weeks, but I can't worry about any of that until it happens. For now, I will keep solidifying those practices for LO. Cloth diapering is going well, but as LO is growing, he is now peeing through his diapers (no poosplosions yet...hooray!)

The diapers work just fine and I think should last another few weeks, but I'm beginning to explore larger diapers for when he grows out of these. So many options now a days. I bought used initially in case I didn't do well with it. I didn't want to spend too much and I certainly didn't want to spend a lot on newborn diapers I would only use a few weeks. I've got a pretty good rhythm down with my wash cycle so I am confident I can continue this green journey. To me, it's not just frugal. I can't handle envisioning all of those diapers sitting in a landfill.

The Instant Pot DH bought me for Christmas had a fatal error. I FINALLY received my replacement yesterday and it works! I'm so freakin' excited to expand all of my cooking options. I'm going to try to see if in my sleep deprived stupor I can do some meal prep on sundays. DH also got me an Anova (sous vide) and I'd like to try making sous vide egg bites so DH, DS and I can grab and go in the morning. I am so super stoked about making yogurt. I want simple, clean wholesome eating here. Ball jars are my friend!

A few baby purchases on the horizon:
*additional infant seat base for my car (by return to work)
*detail car (it's so baseball dirt gross from years of neglect)
*larger or more expandable diapers

I've got a few returns to make from baby gifts (you know those super cute outfits you just know your infant will never wear) and will purchase summer/fall clothes with that money. We have plenty of clothes to get us through the next few months. I'm also always scoping out the local marketplaces on facebook and any used baby item events. That is how I plan to roll with Christmas for LO next year. He will NEVER know :P

Payday and spending

February 10th, 2019 at 06:54 am

Yesterday was a NSD. Friday, which was payday, I purchased laundry detergent and bars of soap from Walmart.com. I put money on my son's lunch account and ordered myself a Contigo cup with a straw from Amazon. Today, I plan on ordering groceries. While I'm feeling better, I still am not yet prime to get behind the wheel of a car.

Other than that, life is quite uneventful. DH and I are enjoying this reprieve from the outside world. The baby is a great sleeper, just not at night. LOL! Pediatrician appointment this week so I'm eager to get some tips on sorting out day and night. DH, who is a night owl, believes it's hereditary. I believe it's sleep training. My older son was such an easy peasy baby to raise. As long as this guy doesn't develop colic, I'll take this switch on day/night for now.

I'm eager to update my debt totals, however, I need to make sure that I wait for the new statements, not just the payments to hit. So that's about another week or so. Grumble grumble grumble. So eager to keep that ball moving!

Tracking the Spending

February 6th, 2019 at 09:35 am

I updated my spending tracker this morning with the baby purchases and groceries purchased yesterday. I overspent $340, but $148.21 of that were purchases for baby items still needed and $140 were for the baby announcements. Without those purchases, I would have been within budget.

I identified that I spent $109.33 eating out. I will try and be kind to myself for the last time as surviving working full time and mothering another child during your last trimester is a beast. I did order out Chinese one night, bought two lunches and a breakfast. Yesterday, I bought cookies from the local bakery for expected guests.

All told, I've identified areas for cutting back, primarily eating out of the home being an immediate win. I am soooooo happy to be done with the gestational diabetes so my standard breakfast of peanut butter on whole wheat can be resurrected when I begin commuting again. I will not be making a big expenditure like the announcements again anytime soon. Future baby purchases will include a larger size of cloth diapers (within the next month or two) and a stroller. Other than that, we are stocked unless something medical and unplanned comes up.

I anticipate that today and tomorrow will be NSD. My gas tank is still full. I need to get out to the car later today and make sure the engine starts. I haven't touched it since before the big freeze. Fingers crossed there are no issues. It's pretty warm for winter today.

Baby is here!!!

February 5th, 2019 at 06:59 am

Baby is here! Safe and sound. We are at home and adjusting to our new life. Some health, wellness and financial wins are that breastfeeding is all a go, including already pumping and freezing a small supply. Need to call the insurance today to make sure BCBS will cover at least most of the rental fee for the hospital grade pump that was recommended by the lactation consultant.

While I was all ready with newborn cloth diapers, when we had the circumcision done I was reminded that vaseline is the normal course of treatment. Thus, I've had to delay use of the cloth diapers (as vaseline ruins the microfleece) until that is over. We see the pediatrician today. Good news is the hospital sent us home with a pack of newborn diapies.

I prepared very well for this endeavor so we have not had a lot of purchasing to do. Delivery day was a NSD (I'm claiming it!) as was Friday. On Saturday, I put in an order to Amazon for a few medical items I was made aware we would need and a wedge for under the bassinet mattress (little did I know 37 weekers STILL can have some breathing difficulty, although he probably doesn't need the wedge now). Sunday I put in an Amazon order for a mattress and sheets for our play yard so we have another option for keeping baby safe while we get things done, etc. when we have to. I also put in a Prime Now order Sunday for castille soap in order to wash pump parts. I wasn't anticipating needing the pump for a few weeks, but I was counseled to begin now. I do not have any milk supply issues, I can tell ya that!

This morning I splurged on baby announcements but had received a $20 off coupon and paired that with a 30% off code on the site. After suffering a loss a few years ago and the tribulations we have gone through the past few years, I do not mind the expense. We have many who are excited to receive photos of the new babe.

Looking forward to the next few weeks of mothering, but also of DECLUTTERING! For nine months, I have had zero energy and it's been a struggle just to go to work and take care of routine things. I am feeling so much more myself and am super excited to get some time to just be home and enjoy our house for the first time since we have lived here. My older son is enjoying having his mom stress free, home and attentative, as is my husband. But no chance I'm not going back to work! We will get into a groove Smile

Update: Pump is 100% covered through our insurance! That brings the cost of breastfeeding to ALMOST zero. Just need to continue purchasing bags for freezing milk, but my pack of 100 should last quite awhile. I am considering looking into the purchase of a Willow pump for pumping during my commute, but I'm not 100% on that yet.