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Glows and grows

February 4th, 2018 at 10:27 am

Past two weeks at CVS have been a struggle. I wonder if the company has decided to ditch its couponers. Used to be super couponer friendly. Now, not so much. So last week, went in for a Cerave deal. The deal wasn't in the computer! Had to show the manager the ad to get the deal. Same thing happened this week with Dove! I've got to make the trek back for the $4.25 they owe me.

I've been checking prices and regular Dove price at CVS is $3 more than Target regular price. Target rarely has Dove deals and coupons rarely come out for the bodywash. I'm almost always best off buying at Costco when they have a 3 pack deal. I continue to scope out prices as I shop at different stores. So interesting how one item can be so much cheaper at one place and vice versa on other items.

This coming week, I will be stocking up on meat from Target. There's a coupon for a $5 when you spend $20 on meat in the ad. You can also text the Target coupon number to give you a second coupon! So Friday, payday, I will go and stock up.

I'm getting better at planning my purchases. I am trying to forecast what I will purchase and when. I'm trying to also be really transparent about what I will spend my money on. I'm nowhere near perfect but doing a helluva lot better lately. Will continue to track purchases and plan expenditures for the pay period.

So many challenges ahead. Just working one day at a time. I froze two meals this past week and have started a frozen foods inventory. Have a pot of split pea soup on the stove and will freeze a night's worth of dinner off the bat. Planning on also making chicken and sausage jumbalaya this week and will try to freeze some there too.