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Lots of anxiety

March 24th, 2018 at 05:35 am

I've been lurking for a few weeks now as I've been focusing on the job search and have been super anxious regarding all of the uncertainty. Lots has been occurring. My son lost his father a little over a month ago. We knew this was coming, but the reality is never good. My son is struggling, of course, to come to terms with this. The good news in all of it is that while I was not receiving any child support the past 3 years, he now will receive both pension money and social security.

My job situation has been tenuous. I submitted my resignation but will finish the remainder of my contract. We did receive a raise with retro pay. The good news is that within 2 months time, I now have $5000 saved up! I've been putting anything extra into savings in the event I do not immediately secure a position. I anticipate I will have 15k saved by July if I am diligent about putting everything additional into savings.

I have gotten interviews but because I am interviewing for high level positions, they are competitive. With my sons getting benefits, I can swing a pay cut. I am entertaining that option. Hopefully that will not be necessary.

Saving feels SO good! I love knowing I have that cushion there. It's also a really nice motivator to keep on saving. Hopefully I secure a job soon and I can really focus on securing our financial future.