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Nice Day Off

January 5th, 2018 at 08:37 am

So I have a nice day off today. All offices at work are closed. Yesterday, I sold another item from the local virtual garage sale. That's another $5 to the total for the week. I also earned $5 from Smart Panel for the month of December. I joined this app called Achievement that gives you points for being active. It uses my fitness apps to track progress and give points. I'm 12% on my way to a $10 reward and I just signed up on Monday!

I need to return two items to Macy's. One is a shell that I do not need (and upon opening, do not like it anyway). The other is a suit I purchased at a reduced price, but it's not a need. I may need a new suit if I get offered a position for which I'm interviewing. There are multiple hurdle interviews to get through and of course, a board meeting for approval. I will purchase closer to if I actually make it onward. So that will be a total of $105 back to my account.

I went through and updated the balances of a few accounts whose payments hit and new statements were generated. I noticed an error in my formula and fixed the student loan total. It's significantly less than what I had listed! Whew! Both balances went down. I'm going to love watching those continue to shrink. Glad I ripped the bandaid off and was honest with myself. Now I can truly track it and think, "do I really NEED this? " The answer is almost always no. I'm clicking hide ads and unsubscribing to emails as much as possible too. Trying to reduce the temptation of online purchases.

I recently had to purchase more heavy duty permanent shopping bags and while at it, also purchased reusable produce bags. My municipality is now charging 10 cents per bag (paper and plastic). When I went to our local grocery store yesterday, there were no bags out at the self check-out lines. I hate those bags anyway and usually recycle them, but had forgotten to bring a bag. Luckily, it was only a few items and I was able to carry them to my car. This morning, I viewed an NPR article on garbage in our oceans. Maybe another challenge will be to utilize reusable containers as much as possible. I will work on that too.

1 Responses to “Nice Day Off”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    We use reusable bags and we keep them in our cars so it isn't as easy to forget them when shopping. I saw an article on Facebook claiming that you aren't doing that much for the environment when you use them, unless you use them hundreds of times. Well, I figure we have used them hundreds of times already so maybe our using them did a little good. My only complaint is they aren't well made and I have had to mend them, but small price to pay, I guess for reusable grocery bags.

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